Venturi Scrubber

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Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Driven TypeElectric
Voltage250 V
Frequency50 Hz
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Ankita-Technologies Wet Scrubbers are engineered for treating pollutants like SOx, NOx & particulate matter from the dirty flue gas. Venturi Scrubber is an air pollution control device used to clean flue gases before they are let directly into the atmosphere. As the name suggests, wet scrubber uses solution, generally slightly basic water to saturate the particulate matter & acidic gases like SOx& NOxpresent in the exhaust stream. Ankita Technologies is offering wet scrubber which can operate in high efficiency for sub-micron particles, with minimum maintenance & capable of handling explosive & flammable dust with low risk.

A venturi gas scrubber consists of 3 main sections – converging section, throat & a diffuser. Flue gas & Scrubbing liquid are introduced in converging section, after that gas attains top velocity in venturi throat section. Therefore, the now fast-moving gas liquid mixture generates turbulence, which results into intense mixing of gas & liquid stream. Gas flow rates are dropped further in the diffuser section & there after scrubbing liquid gets atomized into fine droplets which traps the dust particles. A flooded elbow after the venturi section holds a liquid reservoir, which acts as an abrasion-resistant barrier to the high velocity gas stream.

This reservoir also helps in reducing wear & tear of the scrubber metal surfaces. The gas stream enters the entrainment separator through a tangential inlet, which acts like a cyclonic separator. Finally, clean gas comes through the mist eliminator baffle. Packed towers can be added to venturi scrubbers to further increase the collection efficiency, but at the cost of operating expenses which will increase due to the high pressure drop. To keep the wet scrubber price low, wet scrubber manufacturers generally avoid packed columns. Ankita Technologies is one of the best venturi scrubber manufacturer in India, If you have any other technical query regarding A-T Venturi Scrubber, you can always contact us through the email.

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Venturi Scrubber
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