Spin Flash Dryer

Product details

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Driven TypeElectric
Voltage250 V
Frequency50 Hz
More Info

If the wet cake is a paste or sludge, the Spin Flash Dryers are the most suited for drying application. The dryer is fitted with a mechanical agitator which helps to disperse the wet cake without any need for back mixing of the dry powder. The feeding system includes a feed tank with agitator and a screw feeder for feeding into the drying unit. 

The heart of drying process is cylindrical drying chamber, where the drying air enters the air distributor. The tangential air distributor of special design introduces the air as an intense swirl flow. The simple spin flash dryer is designed to handle materials that can be suspended directly in air. Various types of spin flash dryers designs are available based on uniform/non uniform particle size of the feed/product. 

The feeding of cake is through specially designed paddle mixer/screw conveyor with/without rotary injector depending on rheology of feed material. For difficult to handle feed materials part of dried powder can be re-cycled. Spin flash dryers are suited for filter cakes, semi dried powders.

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