rotary Drum Vacuum filter

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Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
MaterialStainless Steel
Automatic GradeAutomatic
UsageIndustrial liquid-solids separation
Filter Medium MaterialAs per requirement
Pore SizeAs per requirement
SizeAs per requirement
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Rotary vacuum drum filter (RVDF) by Ankita-Technologies is best suited for continuous separation of solids from slurries & suspensions. The A-T Rotary Drum filter is capable of handling wide range of complex multi stage applications like filtration, cake washing, drying & extraction, normally used in liquid solids separation. Its unique, multi-cell design provides a very high filtration rates than a conventional discharging filter, with an efficient liquor extraction, all this under gas tight drum hood.

The slurry level is maintained in the trough during continuous drum filter operation. An agitator keeps the slurry in the suspended form. The drum is partially submerged in the slurry to be filtered. As the drum rotates, rotary drum vacuum draws the liquor through the suitable filter media causing the solids to deposit on the filter medium, thus forming a cake of uniform thickness.

Drum RPM can be controlled using a variable frequency drive. As the drum rotates, the filter cakes are washed, dried & finally discharged. The cake discharge can be done in a variety of ways; scraper discharge, roll discharge, precoated discharge, belt discharge & string discharge. The Drum vacuum filters discharge mechanism mainly depends upon the characteristics of cake. Filter cloth washing & blowback at the cake discharge can be provided as per process conditions.
The A-T Rotary vacuum filter performance depends on the following parameters – Solid concentration, the Particle size distribution of solids, Drum rotational speed, and Vacuum. If you have any other technical queries regarding the A-T Rotary drum vacuum filter, you can always contact us through email.

Ankita Technologies is one of the best rotary drum vacuum filter manufacturer in India, Ankita Technologies also deals in various types of Industrial Filters like – Vertical leaf filter, Agitated Gutsche filter, Bag filter, Activated carbon & sand filter.

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Ankita Technologies
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Rotary Drum Vacum Filter
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