Heat Exchangers

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Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Driven TypeElectric
Voltage250 V
Frequency50 Hz
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Ankita Technologies Heat Exchangers are widely used process equipment for transferring heat from one fluid to another. Heat Exchangers play a vital role in various operations like process heating, cooling, condensing, evaporation & heat recovery. Ankita Technologies designs and manufactures high-quality industrial heat exchangers which are convenient to use, easy to install & low in maintenance. Depending on the process, industrial exchangers are custom made and come in variety of configurations. Heat exchanger designs are based on worldwide accepted standards such as tubular exchangers manufacturers association (TEMA), ASME, PED & API. Types of heat exchangers used are plate heat exchangers, spiral heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, shell and tube exchangers, boilers, oil coolers, air-cooled heat exchangers & finned tube heat exchanger.
During the selection of a heat exchanger, heat exchanger manufacturers should consider following parameters – operating pressure, operating temperature, pressure drop, tendency of contamination, cleaning, types of fluids & their phases – single phase or multi-phase and fluid flow.
Material of construction – Titanium, Tantalum, Nickel, Monel, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Alloy 904L, Duplex & Stainless steel.
Shell and tube heat exchangers are the most commonly used industrial exchanger in chemical processing industries. One fluid flows in the tube side, while other fluid flows in shell side. They are mainly used in high pressure applications. Although, there exists a large number of designs, following components are common in all shell and tube heat exchanger – tube sheet, tube bundle, shell, front & rear heads.

We have years of experience in designing & manufacturing quality products for a variety of industries. Our equipment are custom built to your specifications & requirements, so you can rest assured that our process equipment will work in your plant. If you have any other technical query regarding A-T industrial exchanger, you can always contact us through the email.

The second fluid runs over the tubes that are being heated or cooled so that it can either provide the heat or absorb the heat required. A set of tubes is called the tube bundle and can be made up of several types of tubes: plain, longitudinally finned, etc. Shell and tube heat exchangers are typically used for high-pressure applications (with pressures greater than 30 bar and temperatures greater than 260 °C.

Heat exchangers are widely used in industry both for cooling and heating large scale industrial processes. Heat exchangers are used in many industries includes wastewater treatment, refrigeration, petroleum refining, etc.

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