industrial dryers

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agitated nutsche filter dryer

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Rotary calciner

Rotary calciners (sometimes referred to as rotary kilns) are used for a variety of material processing applications. These high temperature machines process materials into a desired form by changing the state or composition of a material, or removing moisture. Unlike directly fired calciners, indirect rotary calciners are heated from the outside of an enclosed chamber. This gives them the ability to process materials that are fine or dusty, susceptible to contamination or combustion, sensitive to oxidation, or thermally sensitive. With this advantage, indirect rotary calciners have the ability to process a wide variety of materials.

Rotocone vacuum dryer

Rotary vacuum dryers offer clean, simple and effective method of drying wet cake, powder and even slurry. Labour and energy costs are minimal compared to tray dryers and product losses during handling are also negligible. Additionally valuable organic solvents can be conveniently condensed and recovered. The drying in a rotary vacuum dryer is a batch operation under vacuum. It is possible to dry heat sensitive materials at well below boiling points of water and solvents. Drying time depends on material being dried, amount of solvent or water to be removed, desired final moisture content, permissible jacket temperature etc. 

rotary vaccume paddle dryer

Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer is a jacketed cylindrical horizontal vessel with a large diameter hollow shaft. Attached to the shaft are hollow paddles provided with specially designed scraper blades, which scrape the entire internal surface of the Dryer and continuously move and rotate the material thereby precluding the possibility of material remaining in contact with hot surfaces for protracted periods of time. The jacket and hollow shaft with paddles can be heated with hot water, steam or any other thermal fluid capable of providing a large indirect heat transfer area. Cooling can be also be done by cold water, brine or any other refrigerant through the jacket and hollow shaft. Limpet Coil can be provided in lieu of jacket, if liquid heating medium is used.

fluidized bed dryer

In the fluidized bed dryer, hot air or gas is passed at high pressure through a perforated plate at bottom of the container containing granules to be dried. The granules are suspended in the stream of air and are lifted from the bottom. This condition is called fluidized state. The hot air envelopes every granule to completely dry them. Thus, materials or granules are uniformly dried. When compared to tray dryer, this dryer has higher efficiency and lower drying time. Due to intense mixing, no hotspots are observed. It can be operated in batch or continuous manner.

spin flash dryer

If the wet cake is a paste or sludge, the Spin Flash Dryers are the most suited for drying application. The dryer is fitted with a mechanical agitator which helps to disperse the wet cake without any need for back mixing of the dry powder. The feeding system includes a feed tank with agitator and a screw feeder for feeding into the drying unit. The heart of drying process is cylindrical drying chamber, where the drying air enters the air distributor. The tangential air distributor of special design introduces the air as an intense swirl flow. The simple spin flash dryer is designed to handle materials that can be suspended directly in air. Various types of spin flash dryers designs are available based on uniform/non uniform particle size of the feed/product. The feeding of cake is through specially designed paddle mixer/screw conveyor with/without rotary injector depending on rheology of feed material. For difficult to handle feed materials part of dried powder can be re-cycled. Spin flash dryers are suited for filter cakes, semi dried powders.

drum flaker

The flaker is an equipment used to convert the solutions and suspensions into the solids. The main purpose of these dryer is to spread the liquid to a large surface area so that drying can occur rapidly. The drum dryer consists of a hollow drum with a smoothly polished external surface cooled internally by chilled water. The liquid to be dried is placed in a trough known as feed pan. The liquid is picked up by the roller as it rotates covering the surface in a thin film is removed mechanically by a scrapper known as doctor knife. After processing on flakers, the material forms films or easily handled flakes and is further processed or packed into containers for transport. A great advantage of flakers is that they offer a continuous process.

drum dryer

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rotary dryer

Rotary dryer is a simple, inexpensive unit for reducing the moisture content of chemical products. Heat can be supplied directly or indirectly depending upon the product and process requirements. Partition plates are often provided to increase the heating surface. Drying may be by hot air or exhaust gases from other operations.
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