Drum Flaker

Product details

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Driven TypeElectric
Voltage250 V
Frequency50 Hz
More Info

The flaker is an equipment used to convert the solutions and suspensions into the solids. The main purpose of these dryer is to spread the liquid to a large surface area so that drying can occur rapidly. 

The drum dryer consists of a hollow drum with a smoothly polished external surface cooled internally by chilled water. 

The liquid to be dried is placed in a trough known as feed pan. The liquid is picked up by the roller as it rotates covering the surface in a thin film is removed mechanically by a scrapper known as doctor knife. After processing on flakers, the material forms films or easily handled flakes and is further processed or packed into containers for transport. A great advantage of flakers is that they offer a continuous process

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